Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Journal by 5's

This is how I spent last weekend - creating an art journal using Shannon Green's idea of journaling by 5's.  Check out her blog:  shannongreen.blogspot.com for more info on the process.  (Sorry - I don't know how to add a proper link.)  I didn't follow her instructions exactly - I forgot to time myself a couple of sessions, and I went back and repeated session one after completing session two.  (Personally, I would switch the prompts for sessions 1 and 2.)  After going through all the sessions, I had a good basis for a journal.  I added scriptures, quotes, stamped images, the instructions on the back of the front cover, my thoughts on the back of the last page, Gelli prints to the front and back covers and a couple more pictures to fill in the blank spaces.  Finally, I rubbed Van's wax on all the pages so they won't stick together - thank-you Donna Downey for that idea.  This was a great exercise and I'd like to do it again in different colors that maybe won't get so muddy.  Maybe I'll do a video of the next journal - have to keep trying new things, right?

Inside the front cover I included the instructions on how to create this type of art journal.

1st page

Back of the last page - I recorded  how I did the journal (because I didn't follow the instructions exactly) and added some ideas on how to maybe teach this type of journaling in a classroom setting.
This is actually the front cover - I used an old Gelli print to hide the Composition Book front.

This is the inside of the back cover - I used some Gelli print scraps to make it prettier.

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