Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wow - I've sure been negligent about posting.  Hopefully I'll do better in the new year.  I don't believe in making resolutions, but I'm trying to read the Bible through this year - so far, so good.  I'm using an app on my phone which makes it easy.

As far as crafting, I've got some pics to share.
This is a table runner I hand quilted on our trip to Austin for Thanksgiving this past year.  Our son lives there and only gets Thanksgiving day off, so we go to see him - it was our 4th year in a row and the 3rd year in a row that my parents went with us.  The previous two years we rented a house for the holiday, but this year we were able to stay in the rent house we purchased for our son to live in.  We also did a little work on the house while we were there.

This is the card I made to swap at Stamp Club about a week ago.  The printed panels were embossed before I cut them apart.  It was a quick and easy card to put together.

This cute box is constructed from chipboard and paper and I used it as a sample and eventually sold it.


Here's the sample from a class I taught at Paper Arts, the LSS here in Edmond.  Each page is constructed from an envelope (which I also made) with a pocket on the back side.  There is a card tucked in the pocket, located under the red flap.

Here's another Christmas box, but this time there's a mini-album tucked inside.

Here a completed mini-portfolio documenting a scrapbooking retreat I attended last August.  I'm sorry that some of the pics are upside down, but I took them on my phone and the software on the computer won't let me edit the pics.  In fact, when I sent the pics to the computer, they turned out to be square shaped, not rectangular.  Fortunately, I just found my camera and in the future I hope to have all those wrinkles ironed out.
 The theme for the retreat was Alice in Wonderland and since I never read that book, I just know a little about some of the characters.  Above, I placed the wooden coaster someone made us as the label on the front cover.

 The clock above opens up to reveal the schedule for the weekend.
 The Queen of Hearts was on my party hat I had to wear for a group picture.
 The brown die-cut was on my sleeping room door.

 The Cheshire cat hung from a water bottle.

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