Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gelli printing on fabric

Today, I was privileged to play the organ at FBC Edmond.  So much fun!

I'm afraid I won't get too much done this week - I'm going back to work for a day or two in Enid.  Thankfully, I have a lovely room booked at my hairdresser's house (I have an appointment on Tuesday, anyway.)  Wednesday night is choir practice here in Edmond - I need to rehearse with the ladies ensemble because they will sing in church next week. Next weekend, I will be scrapbooking with some friends in Enid.  I think I have enough pages in kits to assemble there.  Then, some friends we knew way back in Midland, Texas (1990-1999) will visit us next Saturday and Sunday. Saturday evening, we will gather with two more couples from our Midland days for dinner.  It's good to be busy, but cuts down on my creating.

My new larger Gelli plate is fantastic for printing on fabric.  So far, I've made 9 pieces of printed and stamped fabric and used two to make a couple of small zippered bags.   (All the stamping is done with permanent ink.)

The back bag has leaves stamped in the open circles, one of the leaves is outline quilted and leafy vines fill the spaces between the circles.

The front bag has a fleur-de-lis stamped in each circle with squiggle quilting lines filling the spaces.
Here's the rest of the fabrics and close-up of the stamping.  Each fabric has some metallic paint and sometimes you can see the shimmer.

This pic shows the quilting.

The Gelli plate is still out, but covered up - ready for more printing.  Too bad I have to sleep - wish I could stay up all night and create.

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  1. Fabulous prints on fabric! So glad you shared this with the party!