Friday, June 21, 2013

Gelli Printing

I love my Gelli printing plate.  A couple days ago, I produced 50 two sided prints for a journal to take on a trip.  I needed 100 pages to copy the drawings from the book, "100 Girls on Cheap Paper."  I collaged paper onto chipboard for the covers.  I thought the cover was a little too bright, so I Mod Podged a piece of sewing pattern tissue on top and got the exact effect I wanted.  I bound the whole thing with my Zutter Bind It all.  Here's some of the inside pages. The journal is just for practice drawing faces.

After making the journal, I just couldn't stop making prints, so I used packing tape for some image transfers:

 Sometimes the colors show up better on a black background:

 This morning, I decided to try something.  I did not have whole sheet laminating film, but I did have a transparency and a large Xyron machine.  So I ran the transparency through the Xyron to make a sticky back clear sheet.  It worked great - even better than the packing tape.  BTW - I use Perfect Pearls on the backs of the transfers to fill in the blank spots and neutralize the sticky surfaces.

 For lots more information on this great technique, go to,

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